Emil decalling and starting a Pearl Harbour Zero

I decide to keep the Emil’s paintjob so it’s now had a couple of coats of Klear applied and the main decals added. Next is to apply the stencils, quite a few for this little plane.

Main decals applied

I’ve cracked open another kit, the Zero from the Pearl Harbour 75th anniversary set, and made a start. The cockpit went together a treat. I don’t invest lots of time to interiors as I never notice them once it’s all buttoned up, so this has been sprayed, decaled, given a wash and the briefest of highlights and I’m calling it done.

Zero cockpit assembled and painted

Then it was installed in the fuselage and glued up. This was a great fit and the only filler I used was the smallest amount to fill a nick I made when trimming off a sprue gate.

Cockpit install and fuselage sealed up

The wing roots and underneath did need a bit of filler though.

Wings, tail planes, engine and cowling added

Next will be masking and fixing the canopy before giving it a light coat to check for imperfections.

Hampden finished, take 2, and Emil progresses

Since my last post, ive realised that i missed the lights on the Hampdens port wing. Now I’ve painted the lights silver and added the missing lens, the Hampden really is finished.

Airfix 1/72 Handley Page Hampden (A04011)

There’s no more movement on the Hurricane other than another thin¬†coat of Klear to seal it before weathering, although I haven’t found my oils paints so it’ll have to wait until either I find them or buy some more.

Spitfire Kleared awaiting weathering

There’s has been some progress on the Emil though. Preshading:

Emil preshaded

Rudder and wing tips sprayed white, RLM65 applied underneath and mixed 50/50 with white for the bottom and sides of the engine bay:

RLM65 applied to lower surfaces

RLM02 applied:

RLM02 applied

And then RLM71. It was at this point I realised I’d forgotten to paint the leading edges so remasked and gave them a quick spray in RLM65:

RLM71 applied and leading edges painted RLM65

These are all Vallejo Model Air equivalents but the RLM02 and 71 aren’t quite the colours expected. What do people think?

I’ve decided that the next build will be something non RAF or Luftwaffe so it’ll be from the Pearl Harbour set, most likely the Zero. It seems to get nothing but rave reviews so I’m looking forward to it. Let’s face it though, it couldn’t be as awkward as the old offering could it.¬†:shock:

One clunker down

Thankfully I am now calling the Hampden complete. It’s a typical Airfix kit from my childhood, with raised panel lines and lots of rivets. And those peculiar working ailerons with pegs at either end to allow movement but just mean they sag and flop down, something which was impressive when I was 8 but annoying now. Needless to say, they were glued in place. All in all, a true clunker by today’s standards!

There are still some gaps around most of the canopies but as this kit was started and mostly built back in September 2016 as my first model after a 6 year break, that is just one of many things I could have improved upon. My recent quick build of the Wildcat was to a higher standard (and was a newly tooled kit) so I know I am capable of better and will concentrate on delivering on models going forward.

Airfix 1/72 Handley Page Hampden (A04011)

The Hurricane has been painted, glossed and decaled and now needs another gloss coat before I can apply some weathering. I just need to either find my oil paints or use a different method for this.

The ME109 is assembled and had a light misting of primer and after applying a little filler to the spine of the airframe is awaiting sanding and re-scribing.

I have also made some running repairs to a Revell Spitfire mkV clipped wing – reglueing the aerial and the tail wheel on.

Now my thoughts are turning to the next build. Will it be the HE111 from the Battle of Britain anniversary set I wonder?

Hampden close to completion

I’m trying to push on and get the Hampden finished. It was the first model I started after my 6 year lay off and this combined with the fact it’s a really old and, by modern standards, basic kit, means it’s not turned out to be the best I’ve made. On this basis, I’m not going to beat myself up about it and spend any more time than is needed to complete it. The main undercarriage is on and the glue drying, then all that’s left is to fit the engine assemblies, tail wheel and various aerials etc.

Also active on the desk is my mk1 Hurricane. It’s had a light spray of primer, especially where I had to use a smidgeon of filler, and an attempt at pre-shading. Sky type s will be added shortly and left to dry overnight prior to spraying the upper surfaces tomorrow.

To avoid having too many started and stalled builds on the go, I’m employing a method where I have to finish a stalled build before cracking open another kit. Once the Hampden is cleared off the desk, I can start a new kit. Not sure yet if it’ll be a 109 or maybe the 111 from the Battle of Britain set or something else. We’ll see.

Back To It

I can’t believe it’s been 6 years since I last completed a model kit – way too long. Model railways and a series of house moves have partly been to blame but work and losing my modelling mojo haven’t helped either. Last autumn I decided to buy a couple of kits as I had previously sold most of my stash. Things have really moved on since my modelling break. The new Airfix moulding really are abundant now and there are so many new products and techniques out there. Although I have been doing lots of research via the Airfix Tribute Forum and YouTube, any actual modelling was rather sporadic with 4 models started but none finished. Building the stash however has slowly developed with another 15 kits mysteriously appearing. I have also invested in some new hardware; a spray booth, a new airbrush ( an Iwata Neo gravity fed dual action), stands, daylight magnifier light etc. New consumables have also appeared as I have now found the delights of Valejo paints, Perfect Plastic Putty and UMP sanding sticks to name but a few. Another move last month has seen us settle into a larger cottage complete with a office/modelling den for me, stone built workshop and room for a summerhouse/model railway room. With no further house moves for a fair few years, I can finally settle down to some modelling. And to prove this, in the last week I have started and finished a kit. My first complete since late 2010. Now to tackle those four part built models languishing on the desk.

Airfix 1/72 Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat VF-6 United States Navy, USA Enterprise CV-6, 1942 (A02070)